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Architecture & Interior Design Studio
London |  Cairo 
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Architecture & Interior Design Studio
London |  Cairo 
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Designitude Associates is a studio with an inclusive and innovative design approach dedicated to developing socially safe and exciting and appealing places, building and interiors.

Combining science and art 

is when architecture truly comes to life!



Architecture must be Functional | Realistic | Economical.
This is the science element in design, and science is important.


If science is combined with some extra, indefinable components that offer elegance and meaning – that is, art.
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Who are we?

We are a London | Cairo | Kent - Based group of Architects, Designers and Thinkers who respect the transformative nature of concepts and potential and are committed to architecture that responds to the needs of our clients and their contexts   


We collaborate together to create ideas that are interpretive, personalized and empowered.

Designitude, an Architecture and Interior Design studio, was founded by a group of young architecture graduates in London. Their mission was to help families and individuals in London bring a modern elegance to their home with the iconic furniture brands.

What started out as an architecture and interior consultancy then grew into a full-service design studio which aims to provide a one stop shop by offering a turn-key service to our clients.

Today we work on design projects big and small, whether we are looking at conventual loft conversions or extensions, or whether we are looking at a master plan for a resort, we have no given ...

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Design-itude Associates . . . 

 Where Science and Art Break-even!

What do we do?
Modern architecture building background.

At Design-itude, we design people-centric environments across vertical markets. In other words, - we design extraordinary places for exceptional people! 


We're an architectural and design studio that wants to be part of a major narrative. And the main chapter is all about the details. Whether it's a snug chair, a flowering plant, or a wall that needs to be broken down to enlarge a space, it's all equally vital to us. 


As architectural designers, we build forms of all sizes, from furniture to dwellings to massive, intricate projects. We are translating ambitions into concrete proposals and creating a path map for their successful execution. 


Our universal approach and versatility to work in various contexts have created a fruitful forum for global commissions. 

We use best practises for our Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Control Processes to ensure that professional service is of the excellent standard at all levels.

Classic Interior Of Living Room With Sof
How do we do it?

A single firm philosophy drives Design-itude! 


​We function together as a coherent group with a large amount of inter-office information exchange. This offers us a distinct edge because our 

experience reaches well beyond our respective local markets. 


As successful designers, we understand that each project will have its own specific criteria and that we are agile in adapting our service to suit the client's needs. 


This helps us collaborate closely with you to explore your project's full value, whether it is to produce the space of your aspirations or to increase the return on your investment. 


As a guideline, our estimated cost of constructing a project currently is £150k-£2.5 million. 


We do not believe only in the supply of drawings; rather, we will offer guidance and advise across the whole process while designing and building your project.

Our Disciplines
Chelsea elegant apartment building. Lond

Developing elegant, bespoke, spaces entails the collaboration of expertise and talent from all the fields of; architecture, interior design, MEP services, manufacturing, general contracting and more. We have an array of experience in-house, and this sets us apart from our competition in the luxury home and commercial industry in both architecture and interior design.

Using our experience, we will serve our customers from a multidisciplinary design team who recognises mission priorities and tackles the unique challenges that arise with each project.


Architecture is the main discipline of the Studio and our teams work successfully across many sectors. The experience, skill and knowledge have made Designitude Associates one of the most successful studios in the region.

Architectural design is a collective process involving a client's dedication to understanding the mission, program, and organisational requirements while fostering a transparent dialogue with stakeholders, user groups, and the design team.

Why choose us?

Designitude offers an unparalleled passion for architecture. Each project is an adventure. Each project is a journey into the built environment!


We love what we do to the point of working even when our families tell us to stop! The problem is, to us, this isn't working at all; it is our passion. That makes our motto come true on how we link both science and art to our projects.

We are attentive to our clients' to ensure we develop designs in-line with their needs and the context in which the building sits. 


Our solid track record of successful project execution proves that our methodology is a winning one. 


​We stand out by delivering a holistic approach to the design of your project; ensuring that your design aspirations are ideally tailored to your project environment.

We have excellent design and technical skills that enable us to realise your aspirations, add value to your property and give yo...



We use colour and environmental psychology to produce certain emotional responses inside your project.

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