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Ethos   |   Philosophy   |   Culture   |   Project Scales   |   Key Team Members

The highest rate of efficiency emerges from focused, intuitive, imaginative and insightful individuals – those who know how to treat a challenge as an opportunity.

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A young architecture graduate group founded Design-itude, a London-based Architectural Services and Interior Design studio. Their mission was to help families and individuals in London bring a modern elegance to their home with iconic furniture brands.

It originated as an architectural and interior design consultancy that then transformed into a full-service design studio that strives to provide a one-stop-shop by providing a turn-key service to our clients. 


​​Today, we're focused on design projects large and small, whether we're looking at conventual loft conversions or extensions, or whether we're looking at a resort master plan, we have no given scale. From helping a client pick a long-awaited Eero Saarinen Tulip Table to fully-fledged design and development projects of resorts and industrial projects, our key priority is customer loyalty regardless of the project's scale.

In 2020, and while the world was busy with Covid-19, we worked hard to initiate our Egypt Studio, which adds significant strength to our business.


We value the 'making' of buildings: generating light, space and form to construct unforgettable and efficient structures. We strive to pursue innovative advances in materials science and, when collaborating with conventional artisans or design subcontractors, we firmly believe in innovative collaborations.

Designing a space is more than just art... It is Art and Science!
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Our architecture is rooted in humane modernism that is socially progressive and environmentally responsible. Our work starts with forensic research on the programme of uses for the building and its response to the physical environment.


Creating engaging spaces internally; sensitivity to its surroundings externally; and touching the planet lightly to minimise climate change.

Our architectural language is pluralist, generated by context – of its time and its place. Each design having its own unique character and identity with a shared sensibility towards materials and the craft of making. A permissive architecture with personality.

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We accept that interiors and exterior designs should work around the client and not vice versa. 


​We understand that each project is an independent manifestation of the distinctive identity of our client. Understanding your beliefs and creative desires are important for us to produce custom spaces that are comfortable, eco-friendly and represent our contemporary lifestyles – the secret to a healthier way of living in the future. 


​ For us, architecture is an art and science that has been surpassed by psychology. Our holistic approach to design starts as we penetrate our clients' hearts and souls and learn as much as we can about their lifestyles, values and ideologies, which we can then communicate visually and creatively.

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Designitude Associates is originally a London-based group of architects, designers and thinkers who value the key aspects of ideas and the potential to inspire architecture. The studio was established by a group of associates who collaborated together before they introduced the studio. 


While we pull from a diverse background and experience working together on projects worldwide, we have a young start-up culture. 


We value innovation and creativity in our efforts to push the boundaries. Intelligent, exciting and groundbreaking designs are produced through a continuous commitment to social, economic and environmental principles. 

The studio prevents preconceptions, set architectural models or methods, allowing each project to become a unique opportunity for analysis, research and innovative approach to brief, location and context.

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Project Scales

We work on all scales, designing anything-from cushions to cities-with the goal of 'making life better.' We are innovative architects, artists and designers who take a playful, vibrant, frequently sculptural style and show versatility unexpectedly in the process. 


At Design-itude, we are willing to work on developments of all types, from extensive metropolitan environments to remote loft conversions and extensions. With special attention to the use of the light, environment and the home/business environment, combined with our environmental and material development interests, we aim to create value-added projects and make positive improvements in our clients' lives.

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Key Team Players

People are the heart of our Studio. We work hard to offer a collaborative and creative working environment, promote a healthy work-life balance, and give back to the community. We believe that a good idea can come from anywhere and everyone in the Studio has a voice.


Our team of extremely experienced planners, architects and project coordinators offers extensive assistance from concept to completion in some of the world's most prestigious design schemes. Each team member has a passion for design that means that we can always provide professional guidance and in-depth expertise. Our projects, not just in the UK but also abroad, is always rich in creative, tailor-made elements. With our competent and customised approach, we are building high-end spaces that embody the Design-itude signature.

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Modern Interior Design
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UK Studio Manager

“The uplifting effect of living in a beautiful space is often underestimated.”

Meet The Team
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Egypt Studio Manager

“Our aim is to exceed the client’s expectations and create striking interiors our clients are proud of and enjoy living in.”


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