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Process   |   RIBA Stages   |   Procurement    |   What do we cost?

We enjoy designing architecture that 'wows,' but we believe it's the depth of detail that comes together to have the greatest effect.

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We feel that it is the layers of details that come together to make the strongest impact. We have the right ratio between 'wowing' designs and functionality, conceiving each detail from a sense of purpose and human need, over design kudos.

At Design-itude, we provide more than just design – we provide a professional and personalised comprehensive service. Thanks to our personable, approachable, and elegant style, Designitude Associates has become one of the most recognised studios in the UK today, offering multi-disciplinary design services to wide customers internationally. Our clients can expect a top-end service that guides the design from early strategy and concepts all the way to completion.

How we achieve such exceptional results is underpinned by our approach to design.

Our employees at Design-itude have created the core values of Passion, Collaboration, Creativity and Trust. These are the fundamental beliefs that underpin all that we do and help us fulfil our business objectives.

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Interior Design

At Design-itude, we are known for our passion. Passion for aesthetics and creativity, and passion for forging strong relationships with partners and clients.


Good design is fundamental to the role of the architect. Architecture is influenced by political, economic, cultural and architectural influences, and it should be empowering the public. 

It's not only knowing what to do but knowing how to do it well. We understand the importance of paying attention to details as they influence the uniqueness of our designs. Suppose we have commissioned a professional artist to manufacture a cabinet for a playroom for a child or to decorate a bathroom with a marble skirt to achieve a flawless finish. We pledge to have an outstanding design tailor-made for each of our customers' needs and accounts for their own personalised taste.

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The success of a project illustrates the team's efficiency and collaborative approach; from beginning to end, we can guide, inspire, and control this collective team to ensure the project meets the client's aspirations.


We acknowledge the importance of getting people together to develop something fresh and innovative. We understand that we should build projects through teamwork and communication. 


We have several diverse skills and technical strengths at our service both within and outside of our studio.  This guarantees that we have an eye to everything, and we also look to the cultures in which our work is motivated and enriched. 

At Designitude Associates, everyone involved in a project has an equally important role to play – from architects to engineers, planners to contractors. Even our most senior Directors sit within their teams every day, providing strategic direction, and staying 'hands-on' throughout each project's life.

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Interior Decorations
Abstract Architecture

Creativity may help to recognise fresh and previously unrecognised potential. 


Inventive spatial analyses that produce additional areas within a set envelope or ingenious methods for complicated and diverse locations may be used. 

Think. Think the opposite. Then think again. We will research your challenge from every possible angle. Our designs reconcile societal, sustainable, technical and financial parameters into a new reality that will elevate people’s lives. This all happens without losing the artistic side of architecture, and with every opportunity, we explore the options of being creative. 

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It will always be our promise to create a truly outstanding design customised to each of our customers' desires and preferences which matches their taste and exceeds their expectations. 


Many of our client relations have been sustainable partnerships. We take the time to really connect with their vision, and we're already in harmony with their world – their business, their desires, their commercial imperatives, and their vision for the future. Our rare range of knowledge, empathy, and expertise ensures that they trust us with the major decisions and seek our guidance to spot inevitable problems before they arise.

There's no place for creative ego at Designitude Associates. We will always do what is right for our clients and the project's integrity, so our clients can be reassured their budget is in safe hands, and our doors are always open for them to come and see how we work.

We are committed to turning the conceptual form of your building and its specific design ideas into reality. And we'll be happy to stay involved right to the end, making sure that every detail works out as planned—bespoke perfection.

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