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Stages of Work   |   RIBA Stages   |   Procurement    |   What do we cost?

Budget is always a taboo, but it is one of the key problems of a project. We are supporting our clients to identify and remain on budget.


There are three different approaches used to conduct business with you: 


  • Set fee: a lump sum, based on how much work the team would have to do. 

  • Percentage of project costs: these will vary from 1.5 per cent to 20 per cent – typically, the greater the project, the less the percentage. 

  • By the hour: that's pretty easy to grasp – that's the way both plumbers and lawyers tend to work. 

We will typically perform an initial consultation and present our fee, free of charge if the documentation and meeting enable us to establish the work's complexity readily. The consultation allows us to determine your brief and the framework for which we will be presenting our fee. The fee plan is viewed as a lump sum and negotiated in-depth and decided with you before we start work.

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We like to be open and transparent.

When we are asked the question, how much does an architect charge? Or at what cost would it be to expand my building? Then followed by, how much time will you require on my project? And, what activities do' you envision being done on each step of a design process?. 


​We want to be as open and honest as possible. It depends on the type of project, the scale of the project, and the scope of the project. Generally speaking, the bigger the project in terms of scale and/or expense 

the smaller the fees would be as a proportion of the overall construction cost. 


​We have a transparent price system based on data from the industry in order to be in the value-based pricing category. We know how long things take to do and what our rivals do to achieve their productivity. 

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Energy Efficiency Consultation
We offer a free initial consultation.

We don't work of template fee proposals nor graphs even though they could be straightforward and simple, but we think the easiest way to start a project is to visit you and sit down and chat about it, and we're happy to do it for free. 


This initial meeting gives us a real feel for your goals, aspirations, timescale and budget and helps us advise on styling options and visual design constraints. 


We will also advise you if you might require any other consultants, Planning Permission, Building Regulations and Listed Building Consent, and recognise any potential or possible issues early. 


We will then follow up with a comprehensive fee estimate.

How to get a fee proposal

Due to differences in the scope of the work required and its complexity, we do not produce a fixed price or guide. Every project we design is unique in its own sense, and our fee proposals clearly reflect the time we anticipate required to complete your project.    


Providing us with more detail about the project would make it easier for us to submit a more accurate fee proposal. Helpful details including whether the project is a new build, an expansion or conversion, location, an estimate of the scale and whether your land is historically significant or a listed building. Any known constraints will always be useful if identified early in the project. 


We will always be transparent on our fees, as we are not looking to be the most expensive, rather the most proficient.


To always get in the loop, drop us a thread! Please fill the form on the connect page to let us know more about your project!


Have a project in mind?

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