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Landscape design

Our external environment has become increasingly fragile against the pressures of development and the demand for natural resources.  In this context our strategic approach aims to maximise the meaning, enjoyment and overall sense of place through a close analysis of local context and character and providing solutions which minimise the impact of development.

By providing a holistic approach to buildings and systems we also aim to ensure effective integration and planning of infrastructure which can allow change in the long term adding value to both our clients and users.

We provide a range of diverse landscape design services at a variety of scales from concept through to detailed design.


We are committed to create vibrant spaces that enhance the quality of space. We believe that architecture and landscape should be complementary and that great design is a synthesis greater than the sum of its parts. The design of an open space must address a broad range of interrelated factors and, to be successful, it must express the delicate balance among function, climate, style, budget and culture.

To achieve this goal, we begin each project by thoroughly studying the needs of the client and analysing the site until we have gained a thorough appreciation of the issues and challenges.


The truth is most memorable gardens are most notable for the way in which they sit perfectly in their surroundings, rather than following fashions.

Each site is distinctive and constantly changing.

Whether it’s a country estate, a quintessential London rooftop terrace, or simply an arbour at the end of the garden, we will redesign and replant your garden to transform it into the perfect outdoor experience, employing textures, sounds, tastes and smells to stimulate all the senses.

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Our range of services :

  • Commercial Landscaping

  • Residential Landscaping

  • Soft Landscaping

  • Roof Gardens

  • Parks & Open Spaces

  • Hard Landscaping

  • Special Projects

Range of services are different in each country.

Residential back yard landscape design w

London  |  Cairo  |  Kent

For new projects and general enquiries:


United Kingdom: +44 207 459 4964

Egypt: +20 1000 768 718

Thanks for considering us for your next project!


We are the perfect design team to help you to embark in this adventure.


We understand the value of your time; therefore, we help you to take the pressure away and promise to make your journey as a smooth ride to reality as much possible.

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