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Process   |   RIBA Stages   |   Procurement    |   What do we cost?


Process   |   RIBA Stages   |   Procurement    |   What do we cost?

Our approach to design is full of

discovery and storytelling.


The RIBA Plan of work outlines the different stages from strategy through to post-completion for any building project. 


Throughout these recognised stages of works all the disciplines provided by Designitude Associates can have a suitable composition suited to your 

specific requirement.

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Interior Design

To build a fantastic narrative, one needs to grasp the meaning deeply beforehand. Initially, who is the central figure or character that the storyline is going to be based around? What's the context? What distinguishes it? What's so unique about who they are and how they thrive? 


Secondly, we need to understand the setting for the script. What attracts you to this environment? What are the special features of the environment? What are the limitations and constraints, and do they originate from rules and regulations? How is a successful project going to be different in this context?  

Ultimately, we need to understand the intent of our script. What are we going to do? What kind of feeling do we intend to convey? What kind of audience are we attempting to appeal to? 

Design-itude believes in the importance of the creation of reality. 

We take a deep dive into the character and backgrounds of the people who inspire our ventures and the communities where they live. The product of these activities is a concise programming guide that defines and summarises the basic goals of the community, the identified drawbacks and obstacles, and the intentions, expectations and aspirations of the people living there.


What kind of storey are we going to tell?

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Team Building

The mission must be identified, and the necessary equipment and staff mobilised to accomplish the task. Storytelling includes editors, advertisers, co-writers, etc. In our scenario, we align the designer team who will be primarily responsible for the project. 


Design-itude respects and embraces the involvement of the needed experts as early as possible during the design process. Especially on our luxury home and commercial projects, where their input is invaluable. Each and every engineering, design and construction individual has skills, knowledge and unique insight that will define what can be achieved. This also informs our staff selection, as we always ensure we have staff members who are from different backgrounds and experiances, to ensure we achieve just that!


Early communication allows problem-solving better by reaching conclusions faster. Excavations into infeasible, impractical solutions are eliminated, and the entire production team is "invested" in the owner's wishes. We work hard to ensure we deliver your project exceeding your expectations!


What resources do we need?

Concept Design

Before we plunge too far into the specifics of our storyline, it's 

important to arrange the main elements and look at the larger picture. 

In storytelling, this may involve describing chapters, subheadings, and 

marking the position of main twists and turns or memories. 

Similarly, in design, this step looks at the connection of each of the spaces to each other. What specific sizes do they need to do to be functional? How does the arrangement of these rooms invoke a certain feeling or reach the aim of healthier living? The natural elements? Colours? Themes?


Design-itude establishes the framework for the overall design on this investigation of floor plan arrangement, space connections, and exterior design. 


The narrative...

Detailed Design

The aim of this step is to develop and build the narrative to suit the individual. Each space in the project is being studied as its own micro-zone with its own mission. The compositions and cosmetic elegance of the interior spaces are being observed, detailed and enhanced. The mechanical, electrical and structural components that serve the structure are being specified. Emphasis is given to exterior aesthetics, structural features, transitions and material collection. Lighting designs are used to build an atmosphere or to fulfil a functional need. 


Design-itude depends on a number of written and drawn-out knowledge approaches to enhance the description and interpretation of the design principle. Our multi-disciplinary team enables all this to happen in-house, or we can work with any other consultants in the field.  


Detailing the story!


Strong narratives are rarely devised perfectly on the first shot. 

Novels are a work-in-progress, and can constantly be revamped for substantial change. The design requirements are more or less the same as defined from the start, but they are enhanced as the design progresses to suit the elements introduced. More work improving and clearing details help the next steps as they progress. 


Design-itude aims to use a thorough presentation of costs and specifications in order to minimise errors and help prevent expensive revisions during the implementation process.


Proof-reading the narrative...

The building!

Our conclusion is not fully understood until it is published. Designitude Associates is here to support during the tender process and construction phases. As an add-on services to your contractor, we aspire to be a second pair of eyes for them and ensure that the building's rigours and complexities are not undermining the design intention. 


No one wants to make mistakes, but designing luxurious projects is an arduous and involving journey that involves collaboration and coordination of all concerned parties. 



Design-itude seeks to be a useful complement to the construction team. We strive to create trusting relationships with all stakeholders, resulting in an enjoyable and satisfying process for everyone involved.


Publishing the story!


Have a project in mind?

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