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Only when you understand the person and their needs, that it is possible to develop a design that meets all aspect of their brief

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We cover a wide variety of planning and architectural projects in our studios, ranging from home extensions to residential upgrades, renovations and conversions, changes of use, commercial developments, retail, leisure and master planning. 


​This collection of projects gives insight into the wide variety of projects that have driven us to a level playing field. We are not constrained by a single architectural style and explore pragmatic strategies that include high-quality designs and keep in mind the unique characteristics of each and every client. 


​We are proud of the quality of work that has been created by our teams, and we use each project as a learning curve which we study after completion.

Throughout the process from project conceptual design to completion, our client's expectations are brought to life ever closer through a variety of imaginative presentations. The introduction of ideas is a moment where the client's wishes, the imagination of the designer and the personality of the space come together. The outcome should inspire, excite and thrill, always pushing the concept forward through each step of the project.

This page takes you through a journey the explores the project stages in respect to creativity and art.

EU Modern european complex of apartment
Modern Interior Design
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Architectonic presentation by portfolio.
Floor Plans

To fulfil both the brief's aesthetic and functional criteria, it is always important, to begin with, certain fundamentals of the structure. Spatial planning and functionality are developed early in the process, utilizing basic architectural floor plans. 


Early architectural sketches can demonstrate, for example, how to redistribute space by opening a variety of rooms to create a more diverse and motivating living space. Similarly, certain architectural features may need to be added to provide a space that is visually uninspiring a revived sense of grandeur or significance.

Designed Living Room
Artist Impression

Drawing from plans, photos, or the 'idea' in our mind, a hand-drawn illustration is simple, slick and can portray the building in the most favourable way - 'an artistic impression'.  


Our clients often want to see the outside perspective and what the interior feature will look like. A hand drawing visual gives them and the investors a quite good idea of what it would look like when completed—something which architectural plan drawings will never do. 


Watercolour sketches help create a shared ground between the designer and the client regarding design aesthetics and the project's style trajectory. 


That is when confidence in the overall goal of the project 

is consolidated between our clients and the design team working with them.

Top view of home decoration and renovati
Sketch idea, drawing of skyscraper, more
3D Modelling

It is important to provide indications of the planned design at the earliest point in the process of planning and designing a building.


This approach lets clients cultivate a real passion for emerging architecture and allows those involved to carry out more comprehensive work with total trust. 


Perhaps the easiest way for those involved to imagine a concept is to display a three-dimensional computer animation. Usually, this is one of the most thrilling early milestones of the life-cycle project.


What we also enjoy doing is physical models. They could be time consuming, but this helps our designers to assimilate all their ideas and work to date in ways that can be viewed from many viewpoints and perspectives. Not only that, as it can be achieved using computer models, but in the making of a machete there is alway a much better feel to the space and the proportions wh

Building Model

We recognise that buildings are so much more than simply bricks and mortar. That is why we use light to create cosy, versatile, and breathtaking spaces. The design of a good lighting scheme is not just about how things look and feel; it's about how things make you feel. 


Light has a fundamental effect on well-being. It affects our circadian rhythms and vital things like stress hormones, sleep hormones, serotonin (makes you happy), and vitamin D.


It's about the broader world, too. 


Beautiful lighting design and energy-efficient technologies come together, which is why our studio's theme is 'living light.' It's going into everything we do. Use less, save more, consume more thoughtfully. 


All that is what guides our decision-making at every stage in our journey with our clients. 

Abstract Lights
samples of material, wood , on concrete
Material Boards

At Design-itude, we are known for our passion. Passion for aesthetics and creativity, and passion for forging strong relationships with partners and clients.


Good design is fundamental to the role of the architect. Architecture is influenced by political, economic, cultural and architectural influences, and it should be empowering the public. 

It's not only knowing what to do but knowing how to do it well. We understand the importance of paying attention to details as they influence the uniqueness of our designs. Suppose we have commissioned a professional artist to manufacture a cabinet for a playroom for a child or to decorate a bathroom with a marble skirt to achieve a flawless finish. We pledge to have an outstanding design tailor-made for each of our customers' needs and accounts for their own personalised taste.

Branding Materials
Photorealistic CGI's

Computer Generated Images (CGI) are becoming increasingly necessary for designers to accurately represent their designs to clients, stakeholders, planners and the wider community so that they can imagine what the designs will look like when they are completed. They play a crucial role in many architecture fields, such as concept design, planning applications, marketing imagery, or marketing projects for sale or financing. 


There are several advantages of commissioning photo-realistic CGIs, which can show the internal or exterior appearance of the project in exquisite detail. CGI is often used to show continuity of shading and lighting of interior and exterior spaces and, as a result, to encourage educated decisions to be made on which rooms are better positioned for daylight or have an effect on the neighbour in terms of viewing, amenity, privacy and the right to light.

A 3D rendering of white living room inte
Aerial View of Modern Neighborhood
Detailing working drawings

When the specification, budget and design framework has been accepted, our specialised development staff – along with the architects –will convert all the design work to date into comprehensive construction details. These are the plans that express themselves in the completed project. 


Working drawings contain dimensional, schematic details that can be used; by the contractor to build the works or by the manufacturers to produce the works' components or to assemble or mount the components. They can include architectural drawings, structural drawings, civil drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, etc. 


Working drawings consisted of two-dimensional orthogonal projections of the building or part defined, such as plans, sections and elevations. However, building information modelling is rapidly being used to construct three-dimensional models of buildings and their building elements. 


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