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Architecture   |   Interior   |   Landscape   |   Urban   |   Planning   |   More...

Designitude specialises in architectural and interior designs, in predominantly high-end commercial and residential schemes, focused on authenticity, with clear historical roots and responsiveness to architecture.

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Colonial Buildings

At Design-itude, we design people-centric environments across vertical markets. In other words, - we design extraordinary places for exceptional people! 


We're an architectural and design studio that wants to be part of a major narrative. And the main chapter is all about the details. Whether it's a snug chair, a flowering plant, or a wall that needs to be broken down to enlarge a space, it's all equally vital to us. 


As architectural designers, we build forms of all sizes, from furniture to dwellings to massive, intricate projects. We are translating ambitions into concrete proposals and creating a path map for their successful execution. 


Our universal approach and versatility to work in various contexts have created a fruitful forum for global commissions. 


We use best practises for our Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Control Processes to ensure that professional service is of the excellent standard at all levels.

Working all over the world, we care how your space looks, sounds, and interacts. We have created various projects from different scale and sizes, and we have vast expertise in most areas. Understanding the market's tendencies and features of our clients' mentality leads us to create a valuable concept.


Design-itude is driven by the pursuit of quality, the excellence of design and its successful execution. An important asset we have is our people—and those people come from a diverse background that informs the spaces they design.


We intend to enrich the human experience, create wellness, strengthen brand and culture, and integrate technology and new ways of working. We foresee the future to understand the aspirations and priorities of our clients.

Shopping Mall Interiors
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Architectural Design

We understand that effective design solutions result from a holistic process addressing competing elements of aesthetics, quality, cost and sustainability. 


In its purest form, architecture is a problem-solving operation. 

The recognition of this mindset is mirrored in our portfolio of design solutions. Although our years of experience in conventional architecture design involve residential, commercial and institutional designs, we prefer to concentrate on unusually challenging buildings. 


From large-scale spatial planning to all-important subtle spaces in our buildings, the architecture will positively affect society and humanity. We are designing buildings and spaces that will improve our culture and strengthen our societies.

Modern Building
Interior Design

Design-itude is built on the belief that people can only deliver great design with a strong social and cultural comprehension of the societies they are designing for. 


​Our Interiors division is a specialised interior design arm offering design advisory services in the residential, corporate, commercial, retail, lifestyle and recreation sectors. 


We are renowned for innovation in design, management and prompt execution of projects.


This reputation has enabled our Interiors division to earn numerous repeated commissions from clients who settle for nothing but the best.

Brick Wall
Landscape Design

We are committed to building lively spaces that maximise the quality of space. We agree that architecture and landscape should complement each other and that great design is a fusion greater than the sum of its pieces. 


The design of open spaces must address a wide variety of interrelated considerations and, to be effective, must convey a delicate balance between purpose, environment, style, budget and culture. 


​To accomplish this goal, we begin each project by carefully researching the needs of the client and evaluating the site until we have developed a clear appreciation of the challenges and opportunities.

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The detail design for interior or landsc
Urban Design

Designitude Associates has an established track record of active urban design and planning in the Middle East. The skills learned through the development of large and complex master plans, and the design and execution of large-scale infrastructure programmes have allowed us to provide imaginative solutions and groundbreaking ideas while collaborating with the wide range of disciplines needed to effectively execute urban development projects. 


Design-itude recognises that sound urban design decreases urban management expenses, manages all capital spending and current costs for public and private transportation and service operators, and generates efficiencies for private sector locations and subsequent activities. 


We are proud to focus on integrating sustainable urban design principles into all of our projects. Sustainable urban design focuses on ways to plan, design, build and operate urban areas to minimise and mitigate resource consumption and negative impacts on the natural environment. We focus our efforts on providing solutions that reflect the climate and social realities, depending on where our project is located.

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master plan of urban landscape design or

Master planning is the interpretation of a structure for the later detail of a building construction area, site or neighbourhood. 


Master planning requires a wide variety of expertise, from construction, urban design, planning, landscaping, project management, environmental building, neighbourhood and government consulting. 


Master planning projects we have undertaken include but not limited to industrial, commercial, educational and residential industries and private clients, universities, health authorities and national corporations. 



At Design-itude, we are able to incorporate all the expertise needed to generate detailed master planning reports for the good of our clients as they carry out plans for the growth of their estates and land acquisitions. 

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Layout of the future residential distric
What else do we do?

Our set of services do not end here, but we are a Studio that established in our early days that we enjoy focusing on interior design and architectural projects. All addition services were requested as we grew and we were asked to preform additional scope, while still maintaining our Architectural and Interior Design preference.

Additional scope includes:

  • Project Management

  • BIM Services

  • Virtual Reality

  • Visualisation

  • Building Engineering Services

  • Way Finding

  • Franchise and Branding Services

  • Sustainability

  • Research

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