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Architecture   |   Interior   |   Landscape   |   Urban   |   Planning   |   More...

Our connection with our clients is so critical to Design-itude. We always remind ourselves that the creating an individual's space is creating the space of their dreams.

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Believe in the value of architecture that can transforms your life! 

Architectural design is our core business. Our work encompasses new build projects for residential, institutional, corporate and private clients across all procurement methods. Feasibility and strategic studies exploring the development potential of sites are also an integral part of our services range.

We work on different project sizes, starting from typical extension and loft conversions, so no project is too small for us. On the other hand, we are working to be one of the reputable, well-known design studios worldwide.

We understand that effective design solutions result from a holistic process addressing competing elements of aesthetics, quality, cost and sustainability. 


In its purest form, architecture is a problem-solving operation. 

The recognition of this mindset is mirrored in our portfolio of design solutions. Although our years of experience in conventional architecture design involve residential, commercial and institutional designs, we prefer to concentrate on unusually challenging buildings. 


From large-scale spatial planning to all-important subtle spaces in our buildings, the architecture will positively affect society and humanity. We are designing buildings and spaces that will improve our culture and strengthen our societies.

Design-itudes’ due diligence services offer comprehensive and supportable advice on property assets that provide short-term and long-term considerations and assist Clients in implementing a disposition strategy. Our multi-disciplinary teams are experienced at recognising deferred maintenance issues and structural deficiencies that may frequently be overlooked.

  • Architectural design.

  • Planning Application.

  • Building Control Application.

  • Principal Designer.

  • Feasibility studies, project definition.

  • Appraisals and building condition surveys.

  • Conservation projects and heritage assessments.

  • Consultation with planning authorities, Historic England, and conservation groups.

  • Business cases.

  • Lead consultant coordination and management.

  • Contract administration and project management.

  • Listed building management guidelines.

Range of services are different in each country.

Services Include:
EU Modern european complex of apartment

We design buildings that are intrinsically authentic, unforgettable and delightful, having a local flavour, derived from their context, but also with a clear personality of their own.

Tropical villa.jpg

Places with an exclusive and permanent appeal 

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We design for the unity of people and space, form and function, for the animation of a structure, for capturing the focus and the execution of an ambition for a space that is as visually spectacular as it is efficient.

New house, colonial style, frontal view.

Places to appreciate and to be proud of ...

Building Plan II

We design for a visually convincing identity and a distinctive sense of place with a supportive cultural environment that completely connects you with your surroundings and fosters a sense of ownership. 

204-02-3-001 (Original).jpg

Places that promote sense of belonging.  

Modern Building

We design for the interaction between internal and outdoor spaces and the interweaving of private and public life, using strong proportions, inventive features, warm materials and a sense of enclosure. 

Modern luxury villa with swimming pool.j

Places wherein people feel comfortable.

Modern architecture, building, view from

We design for the unity of people and space, form and function, for the animation of a structure, for capturing the focus and the execution of an ambition for a space that is as visually spectacular as it is efficient.

House with Pool

Places where people flourish. 

Modern House Exterior

We design to generate pleasant and functional solutions to translate your space into a vibrant and lively environment that satisfies the needs of contemporary urban lifestyles and enhances your everyday living experience.

New exclusive houses with beautiful fron

Places that bring love, harmony & serenity.

Beautiful Villa

Based in London, we agree that technological and strategic thought, combined with a wide range of expertise and rich experience, creates a huge difference in addressing each project's demands and opportunities. 


For this reason, we are committed to innovative, equitable and responsive approaches in our architectural design services that make it possible to build excellence, functionality and aesthetics in our designs. Our distinctive approach determines any architectural design initiative that we perform. We always continue in the same way: we listen, we talk, we evaluate your issues, expectations and goals so that we can grasp precisely what you want to achieve. 


To fulfil your vision, we review and assess each project to ensure that our architectural projects are site-specific and budget-specific. From small-scale residential refurbishments and additions to large-scale modern residential buildings, commercial and industrial projects, we will track every level of the process from design to completion, from architectural design sketches to construction site review, and advise you on every step of the way. 

Luxury House

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