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Master Planning & Urban Design

Designitude develops designs and concepts for sustainable cities. With our multi-disciplinary team, we blend economic, cultural, and environmental aspects into the sustainable urban areas of the future.

Smart cities, sustainable cities, green cities... it's the talk of the town. But who knows how to develop, design and organize the processes necessary to move towards truly sustainable cities? This is what Design-itude Associates continues to innovate and work on.


The scale of the challenges in urban design and master planning has vastly increased along with the rapid global trend towards greater urbanisation. Each increasing factor of population, energy consumption, transport needs, pollution and required prosperity must be taken into account on a scale not seen before. We design places across the world that respond to these challenges.

We are creating successful contemporary urban environments, with planning for the future, that are sustainable in real terms by sharing our international knowledge and through rigorous analysis by our local teams.

EU Modern european complex of apartment

Systems approach

We approach these complex questions by putting the gadgets and fancy design aside for a bit, and analysing the clockwork of the city, understanding what makes it tick, grow and thrive. Our scientists, economists, ecologists, architects and urbanists analyse each location, find out its specific nature, and make sure that with every move that's made the city gets better, fundamentally.


After we know what'll make it work, we develop what is necessary to make it work: attract new business, redevelop buildings, public spaces, waste, water, food or social development. We'll choose what's the best direction for each area, rather than what's trending. And we'll make sure it has timeless design, to create long lasting value and enthuse residents, business, investors and policy makers alike.

Urban space design, the layout of the op

Our range of services :

  • Sustainable urban development & Design

  • Eco-cities & urban ecology

  • Urban agriculture

  • Adaptive urban redevelopment

  • Economic redevelopment strategy

  • Industrial symbiosis & redevelopment

  • Urban metabolism

Range of services are different in each country.

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